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Where, When and How to Vote

SALMON MOMENT (def’n):  to spend months swimming upstream, only to die in the end.

That’s how it felt this week when we discovered that after all this effort to drum up voting interest, the South End’s traditional polling station at Bayview School is gone.  We were told it was due to low voter turnout in the last election, as well as a shortage of people to man the polling stations.

Alternative locations include Georgia Elementary School in south Harewood, or the Conference Centre downtown (free parking below the centre while you vote).

Here are a few direct links.

1.  Voting Locations

click here to go to a city map with locations.

2.  Times

For most locations, it’s 8AM to 8PM.

Click here for more details on where and when to vote.

3.  Not sure if you can Vote?  Or what you need to bring with you?

Click here for more details on who qualifies and the ID required to vote.

If you need a ride to the poll, please call us at 740.0120.  We’ll arrange to get you out to vote or link you to a candidate who is offering rides in our neighbourhood.

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What is Plumping?

Does the thought of checking off 8 boxes for council candidates fill you with dread?  Did you know that you don’t have to select all 8?  Or that voting for less may actually be a good thing?

An interesting take on voting, snitched from Gord Fuller’s blog:


First-past-the-post system:

This is the system we use in Nanaimo for Municipal elections and refers to the basis on which votes are counted in order to determine who is elected. A first-past-the-post system is one where ballots are not valid unless they have been marked by the voter to indicate the candidate(s) that the voter wishes to have elected. No more candidates can be indicated than the number of vacancies to be filled.

Often voters think that because there are eight positions for City Council they need to pick eight names from the list of candidates. This is not true and can ultimately cause those you want to see elected to lose (see Plumping).

Counting of the Votes:

Where there are multiple council positions, 8 in Nanaimo, to be filled, the votes on each ballot are counted as being of equal value to each other. Even though a voter might have a distinct order of preference among the candidates there is no mechanism for such preferences to be shown on the ballot.

Candidates are elected consecutively according to who receives the largest number of votes. There is no pre-determined percentage of the overall vote required to be gained before a candidate is elected so a candidate can be elected with a very much smaller percentage of the vote than under any other electoral system.


Plumping allows voters to vote for fewer than the number of candidates to be elected. It permits voters to concentrate their voting power on those they support, rather than being constrained to also vote for those they oppose. Rather than voting for all eight council positions a voter can chose to vote for simply one, two or more if they wish.

Prepared by Gordon Fuller – October 3rd, 2008

Will YOU be plumping this election?

Click on the link below to poll (and compare) your responses.


Will you be plumping this election?
( surveys)

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