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How to use this site….or Blogging 101

There have been a number of different terms used for this online method of conveying information. I think I’ve heard terms such as “newsletter” and “online forum” but it’s technically a blog which is short for weblog. A web log is basically an online journal and a handy way to get out a lot of information in a very organised and simple fashion.

I’d like to point out some of the many features on this blog and how to use them.  Most of them can be viewed while you read this, or you can print this post and use it as you move around the site.

First, I want to point out “Home” and “About” above the picture up top of the page. If you ever click “Home” it will bring you to main page of this blog. If you click “About” you will go to a page that gives explanation of what this blog is about.

Notice in the first paragraph of this posting the word “weblog” is coloured and underlined. When you see these coloured and underlined words and scroll over them with your curser you will see a preview of a page it links to. You can click on the word and be taken to the linked page. For example the word weblog will take you to an online page for a more detailed definition of the word.

Other parts of this blog will highlight when you scroll over them like the title of each posting, what the posting is categorised under and the comments. Click on the title and you will see it and the comments section in entirety and NO other posting. Clicking on the various categories will take you to all postings also categorised under the same heading and clicking on the comments will allow you to see and make comments of your own.  You’ll see arrows at the top that, when clicked, will lead you to either the previous or the next post.  When you’re done, just click “home” to go back to where you started.

The right sidebar also has many features. At the top is a “Search” feature to help narrow down what you are looking for in this blog. For example, if you type in “Fuller” or “Balmoral”, you will be taken to all related posts.

Next is “Categories“. Clicking on different categories help narrow down what you’d like to read. Each will take you to all the postings that are related to the topic you clicked on.

Tags” are similar to categories but are usually shorter phrases but both are to keep postings organised and easy to find.

Candidate’s Websites” are just that. If you click on the name of the candidate in this section you will be taken to their personal website or blog. These are worth checking out to get to know the candidates and their platforms even better.

Other Websites” are websites that may be of interest for further reading on the civic election or issues in the South End.

You can click on any of the months in the “Archives” section and it will take you to the postings made at that time.

The “Meta” section is for administrators to log in but you can also subscribe to this blog via RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Usually people will use a feed reader like Google Reader to read a web feed. What’s great about this is if you follow a number of blogs you can just go to the one place (Google Reader or other) and see whenever there are new posts instead of going to each blog to check.  If that’s too difficult, just bookmark this site and remember to check back in.

The whole purpose of this site is to help keep residents informed and interested in the upcoming civic election so we want to make this as user friendly as possible. Please feel free to ask questions or give feedback about the election, candidates or even this blog.


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