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How DID (or didn’t) the South End Vote?

This isn’t a perfect calculation, but the best we can come up with, given the fact that they took away our polling station.. 😦  I know… I know…. shaddupaboutit..!  Ok, so we compared the overall voting pattern with the polls at the Conference Centre and Georgia Ave School.  The top 8 candidates for council are highlighted and rated for each area.  Check this out.



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Results are in…







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What is Plumping?

Does the thought of checking off 8 boxes for council candidates fill you with dread?  Did you know that you don’t have to select all 8?  Or that voting for less may actually be a good thing?

An interesting take on voting, snitched from Gord Fuller’s blog:


First-past-the-post system:

This is the system we use in Nanaimo for Municipal elections and refers to the basis on which votes are counted in order to determine who is elected. A first-past-the-post system is one where ballots are not valid unless they have been marked by the voter to indicate the candidate(s) that the voter wishes to have elected. No more candidates can be indicated than the number of vacancies to be filled.

Often voters think that because there are eight positions for City Council they need to pick eight names from the list of candidates. This is not true and can ultimately cause those you want to see elected to lose (see Plumping).

Counting of the Votes:

Where there are multiple council positions, 8 in Nanaimo, to be filled, the votes on each ballot are counted as being of equal value to each other. Even though a voter might have a distinct order of preference among the candidates there is no mechanism for such preferences to be shown on the ballot.

Candidates are elected consecutively according to who receives the largest number of votes. There is no pre-determined percentage of the overall vote required to be gained before a candidate is elected so a candidate can be elected with a very much smaller percentage of the vote than under any other electoral system.


Plumping allows voters to vote for fewer than the number of candidates to be elected. It permits voters to concentrate their voting power on those they support, rather than being constrained to also vote for those they oppose. Rather than voting for all eight council positions a voter can chose to vote for simply one, two or more if they wish.

Prepared by Gordon Fuller – October 3rd, 2008

Will YOU be plumping this election?

Click on the link below to poll (and compare) your responses.


Will you be plumping this election?
( surveys)

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NALT’s All Candidates Forum

Nanaimo & Area Land Trust is hosting two All Candidates Forums focussing on the topic of environmental sustainability in the Regional District of Nananimo.

The forum for candidates running in the City of Nanaimo’s 2008 Municipal Election will be taking place in the Ballroom of the Coast Bastion Hotel in Nanaimo. Wednesday, October 29th 2008 7:00 PM

The forum for candidates running in all other jurisdictions in the RDN will be taking place in the Costin Hall in Lantzville. Thursday, October 30th 2008 7:00 PM

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How this is going to work

I don’t know about you, but when I shop, I tend to compare things a lot: either I compare what I am looking at to what I really want, or I compare one item to another.  Fairly simple processes, but hard to do when you are shopping for representation in an election.  Especially an election where there are a LOT of candidates, a LOT of issues and lots of potential for complication and confusion.

So here’s what were proposing:

1.  We’ve taken the questions and comments you’ve posted so far and amalgamated them into 4 broad questions.  We’ve sent them off to ALL candidates for mayor and council and asked for responses to be returned by Friday October 24.

2.  On October 27, we will post ONE question PLUS the responses to THAT ONE question from EVERY candidate who has responded.  You’ll have time to think about what each candidate is saying, and to post additional comments and discussion.

3.  When the timing is right, we will post the NEXT question plus the responses the same way, spread out over a 2 week period. That way:

  • you’ll be able to focus on one issue at a time
  • you’ll be less likely to get overloaded or confused
  • you’ll be able to look at all candidates on a level playing field

Please note:

We will NOT be recommending or supporting any particular candidate. Our hope is simply to provide you with with the incentive and reason to get out and vote on November 15 2008.

The process may change a little, because to be honest, there’s no existing model to follow. But in the interest of pioneering, we hope you will move forward with us in good faith and we will do our best to keep this process simple and easy for both candidates and readers.

If all you want to do is lurk and read the posts of others, that’s absolutely fine.  We welcome and encourage comments to postings made to this weblog. But since this is our sandbox, and we’re all girls, we want you to know that we will not tolerate pushing, shoving, punching, or name calling..:)   While you may not agree with candidates or other posters, we want everyone to play fair and respect the opinions of others. We have a big delete button, and we’re not afraid to use it on nasty and/or anonymous posts.

So perhaps until we get the responses back and that first post up,  you can get comfortable with this platform (Anne will add a link to some basic maneuvering tips here in a day or 2).  Or check out some of the candidate websites…we’re adding them as we receive them.  Or make a post.  We’re all learning here. Thanks for joining in.

-Barbara, Pat and Anne


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Candidates for the 2008 Nanaimo Civic Election

See the Nominations here.

Candidates for the 2008 Nanaimo Civic Election


Brennan, Diane
Iwaskow, Larry
Korpan, Gary
Ruttan, John


Arnold, Jack
Bestwick, Bill
Bolin, Ron
Brunie, Brunie
Campbell, Rob 
Cowling, Janet
Forbes, Bill
Fuller, Gord 
Greves, Ted
Holdom, Bill
Johnstone, Diana
Kipp, Jim
Lander, Timothy Stuart
MacDonald, Mark
McGuffie, Blake
McNabb, Larry 
Negrin, Angela Marie 
Pattje, Fred
Pearson, Troy
Saunders, Terry Lynn
Sadhra, Mark 
Schachner, Simon
Sherry, Loyd 
Squire, Pat 
Unger, Merv
Younger, James

Sometime soon we’d like to ask all candidates your questions and then post their answers here for possible further discussion. Please take a moment to click here to share a question or two for our candidates.

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More Candidates Are Filing To Run In Election

Three More in Race

The nomination period for all candidates interested in every form of local government ends Friday at 4 p.m.

So far, 11 people have taken out packages from city hall for the mayoral candidacy, but only two have filed. Thirty council packages have been taken out and 15 have filed so far.

These are the candidates for council who have filed their papers at city hall: Jack Arnold, Bill Bestwick, Ron Bolin, Brunie Brunie, Janet Cowling, Gord Fuller, Blake McGuffie, Mark MacDonald, Larry McNabb, Fred Pattje, Troy Pearson, Terry Lynn Saunders, Simon Schachner, Pat Squire, and Merv Unger.

Diane Brennan and Gary Korpan have filed for mayor. Businessman John Ruttan has declared, but hadn’t filed by Wednesday.


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