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Welcome to the South End Votes weblog!

We’re hoping this can be a place Nanaimo residents can come to get informed on the upcoming civic election taking place November 15th 2008. We’d like to offer a place for residents to ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions to the various running candidates. You’ll be able to do this in the comment section after postings made here and alternatively you can send an email to We’ll be forwarding all feedback to as many candidates as possible and posting their replies to this weblog after October 20th. Some candidates may want to take on some of the questions earlier so feel free to check out their own websites/blogs linked on the right.

As South End Nanaimoites ourselves, we’re interested in candidate’s opinions on South End issues and what their goals are for our area. We want to know that our interests are being considered and properly represented.

If you’re running for city council this year and don’t see your name or website/blog mentioned please get in touch with us and let us know! We’d like to know more about you and what you plan to offer the City of Nanaimo if you’re elected to city council!


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