We’re hoping this can be a place South Nanaimo residents can come to gather and share  information on the upcoming civic election taking place November 15th 2008. We’d like to offer a place for you to ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions to the various running candidates.

Here’s how we see the process unfolding:

1.  Post any questions you have for potential councillors or mayor between now and October 10. You’ll be able to do this in the comment section after postings made here and alternatively you can send an email  to southendcommunityassociation@gmail.com

2.  We’ll select the questions that best represent the issues of the South End and send them out to ALL potential council and mayoralty candidates.

3.  We’ll post answers as received, and will offer them  both in the web and print format newsletters  by NEXT newsletter date (November 1),

4.  We’ll encourage candidates to keep involved with the forum. You’ll be able to ask questions, make comments and suggestions, and share information, hopefully helping you to make a better decision.

We will NOT be recommending or supporting any particular candidate…that’s not our role. Our hope is simply to provide you with the information to compare candidates related to specific South End issues.

As South End Nanaimoites ourselves, we’re interested in running candidates opinions on South End issues and what their goals are for our area. We want to know that our interests are being considered and properly  represented.

If you’re running for city council this year and don’t see your name or website/blog mentioned please get in touch with us and let us know! We’d like to know more about you and what you plan to offer the City of Nanaimo if you’re elected to city council!

3 responses to “About

  1. John Cross

    # 1 What plans do you have or what initiatives do you support that would deal with the homelessness,sex trade work, and drug use on the streets of the south end?

  2. John Cross

    #2 What is your opinion of the folowing quote

    “Dignity Village is a city-recognized encampment of homeless people in Portland, Oregon, United States.

    In the days before Christmas of 2000, a group of homeless people in Portland succeeded in establishing a shanty town which garnered a great deal of both opposition and support, and quickly evolved from a group of self-described “outsiders” who practiced civil disobedience, to a self-regulating, city-recognized “campground” as defined by Portland city code. Now featuring elected community officials and crude but functional cooking, social, electric, and sanitary facilities,[1] Dignity Village got its start as a collection of tents and campers “squatting” illegally on unused public land near Downtown Portland. They had very little in the way of traditional political voice, but they did have a message to deliver regarding the treatment of homeless individuals in Portland; a message that ultimately resonated in the Portland community, area churches [2] and the halls of city government.[3] [4]”

    Do you think such an alternative is possible in Nanaimo? If not, what solution do you offer to the social and economic issues posed by the homeless. We have an opportunity to “think outside the box ” here.

  3. Barbara Densmore

    It seems that when the new Island Highway was completed, there was no work done to Nicol Street to reflect its transition from highway to urban street.

    —-We still have cars racing down the road, few safe crosswalks, and no traffic calming measures.

    —-Motels that were vibrant decades ago now house low-income tenants to keep cash coming in, now that Nicol is no longer a main highway.

    —-Further up Nicol, most stores are either stuggling or empty, partially due to the lack of parking access or community development.

    The province is in charge of highways, the city in charge of streets. What is Nicol Street classified as? If elected, what would you recommend to the city to make Nicol an urban corridor, rather than a highway?

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