4. Neighbourhood Plan Ideas

4.  What are the ideas from the South End Neighbourhood Plan that are the most impressive to you and if elected how would you work towards their implementation?


I was impressed with the whole plan, but one part that caught my attention was the plan for Halliburton Street and Needham Street as every neighbourhood should have a gathering core for residents. The plan for urban gardening brings neighbours together and enhances livability of the neighbourhood. These goals could be reached by encouraging local businesses to invest and I would work hard to ensure that City staff and crews do their part to help bring about these visionary policies, and that sufficient funds are budgeted.                        
— Darcy Olsen

I love your plan!  It is well laid out, takes the community in a completely new direction, and could turn South Nanaimo into the ‘jewel of Nanaimo’!  I am really excited.  What we all need to do now is create the excitement, put into place the incentive programs or perhaps even declare the area an ‘economic development zone’.  I believe in Nanaimo.  I believe in our potential. I believe if we work together we can create an exciting and dynamic City.                                                                 
— Bill McKay

There are so many highlights within the Neighbourhood Plan. I think that SECA have done an amazing job in coalescing and harnessing community spirit to take control of their future. I believe neighbourhoods (through their associations) deserve a much stronger voice in planning and management of their part of the community.

I would personally like to see the vital importance of revitalization and enhancement of communities to be somehow reflected in the new Economic Development Strategy. Should we be targeting business recruitment according to the general needs of the community, or should we look at ourselves one neighbourhood at a time and figure out what fits and what do we want most?

SECA and other associations should be given the tools to expedite their abilities to reach the goals stated in their vision of themselves and if money is the problem, then economic development can help make such progress a reality.  
— Brian Fillmore

I am most impressed with the way the South End Community Plan is working towards creating a sense of “Community”. This idea is greatly lacking in our fast paced, hurry up and ignore thy neighbour, society. I would work with CON staff to ensure that this plan, as devised by your community, is followed and implemented with their assistance wherever possible. I have attended 2 of your monthly meetings and have been impressed by the sense of community, positive attitude and “can do” spirit of all in attendance.  
— Murray McNab

This is difficult to answer, as SECA is a very impressive group/community and the plan reflects this; there’s much to choose from!  Believing as I do that all of Nanaimo can be a more socially, financially, and environmentally sustainable community, I am pleased with how the South End Neighbourhood Plan reflects the importance of this vision.

I especially like the idea of increasing population densities in appropriate ways that assists sustainable movement (cycling, walking, transit) and includes greater social cohesion/involvement/safety, protection of the natural environment, and a greater amount and diversity of employment, shopping, and learning.  My campaign platform is in keeping with all of these.

To implement these ideas I would advocate for more walking/cycling paths, accepting higher density zoning by utilising such concepts as cohousing, walk-ups (no high-rises!), more community gardens, “tools” for neighbourhoods to clean up old properties (especially the Manson store), having the city co-hosting educational opportunities with the community and non-profits (e.g. gardening, how to respond to social problems), working with the neighbourhood in redesigning it and attracting suitable businesses, and a better coordination of services.

We need to move away from the over-reliance on the single-occupancy motor-vehicle. The South End is already closer to this goal than any other neighbourhood in Nanaimo, resulting in less traffic noise (except along Haliburton), pollution, and injuries. The city can do more to build on SECA’s current strengths and justifiable pride.  
— Ian Gartshore

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    Just a thank you to those who replied.

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