2011 By-election

During the election of 2008 the South End Community Association ventured into the political foray by creating a blog SOUTH END VOTES.  The blog was set up to promote awareness and participation by south end residents in the election, questions were asked of candidates and their answers were published.  Over the period of the election well over 4000 hits were made to the blog.

In a reprise of the South End Community Association’s SOUTH END VOTES of 2008 we want your help in asking questions of the candidates in the by-election to elect one city councilor to replace the seat held by Larry McNabb who passed away December 24th 2010.

  • Please submit, by March 9th one question regarding the South End, which you would like answered by all of the candidates.
  • You can post below by clicking on this headline.
  • Or if you prefer, e-mail us directly at our gmail.com address:  southendcommunityassociation@

Political junkies Gord Fuller & Pat Portsmouth as well as intrepid blog maven Barbara Densmore will choose 3 or 4 of the very best which will be sent to all candidates.   Answers, or non-answers, to each question will be posted on the South End Votes blog.

If you’re curious about the candidates but unsure of their platform, this should help you make an informed decision.

Show your willingness to participate in this by-election by getting out and voting.  Show Nanaimo (and your neighbourhood) you care.


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2 responses to “2011 By-election

  1. Frank Murphy

    I’d ask the candidates to step outside the fiercely partisan pro and cons of the Vancouver Island Conference Centre project and offer their own appraisal of what should be done with it from this point forward. In answering, please consider these related questions:

    In your opinion is their a sound business case to be made for the ongoing funding from City taxes of its operating losses; and do you agree that the hotel component is critical to its success and further city taxpayer funds (contributing the property on Gordon Street for instance) should be committed to its construction; and do you support an objective, third party study of alternative uses for the facility?

    – Frank Murphy

  2. Gord Fuller

    Thanx Frank you are as they say first past the post. We will certainly consider this question as a possibility, hoping to receive many more.

    The council meeting last night was interesting in that the person, Malvern Makuyana, who wanted the body painting to be held there was suggesting that council look at changing the Food Primary license to Liquor Primary. Many good points made, link to video of meeting here Council Meeting Video Feb 28 2011. In the event the link doesn’t work here is the url

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