How DID (or didn’t) the South End Vote?

This isn’t a perfect calculation, but the best we can come up with, given the fact that they took away our polling station.. 😦  I know… I know…. shaddupaboutit..!  Ok, so we compared the overall voting pattern with the polls at the Conference Centre and Georgia Ave School.  The top 8 candidates for council are highlighted and rated for each area.  Check this out.


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7 responses to “How DID (or didn’t) the South End Vote?

  1. Barbara

    So where DID all the voters in the South End go…??
    Only 2,500 voters in the South End, Old City, Nob Hill and Harewood?

    Am I wrong here?

  2. Gord Fuller

    My guess is they went to the mall or more likely simply stayed home. The whole idea that by removing Bayview as a polling station, because of poor voter turnout, would actually increase the numbers of voters is simply nuts to put it mildly.

    Check out my blog -
    – Electoral Reform for an analysis of the voter turnout in the south end area.

  3. That’s so true, Gord. Taking away a polling station will never increase voter turnout and says that the votes from people who did show up there previously weren’t worth keeping the station open for. The city should be figure out ways to make it easier for people to vote, not harder.

    I like the comment that someone made somewhere about making the salaries of elected officials be directly affected by the voter turnout. I wonder how the election process would be handled by the city and the incumbents if the elected were to receive 100% of their salary only if the voter turn out was least 85-90%. Anything less would be a lessening percentage of their full wage.

  4. Jillian Turner

    People need to realize it is their duty to vote. Just because a polling station is not 3 blocks away, figure it out people! Find another spot to go to and vote. If you do not vote because of inconvenience they don’t complain about politics. It is your responsibility to get to the polling station, or call someone for help.

  5. Not everyone can get to a polling station easily. One older woman living down the street from Bayview and no family to drive her had the courage to call Barbara after reading her offer to give rides in the paper. I had never met this woman before but was able to give her a ride to Georgia School where I also voted.

    I totally agree that everyone needs to take responsibility and vote but I also think voter apathy is at such a low that something significant has to be done at a higher level to help turn things around. What has to be done? Unfortunately, I don’t know.

  6. Barbara

    I don’t think that candidates can get more people out to vote. That’s what THEY all want, too.

    Unfortunately, as we’ve all seen, the stick is a lot more effective than the carrot in creating public change.

    I’d like to see a $25 charge (or more) added to our property tax. To be rebated to people who vote in the civic election.

    Call it an election expense.

    Carrot AND stick.

  7. Gord Fuller

    While we may complain about voter turnout in Nanaimo, a shade under 32%, places like Victoria and Vancouver had under 25% voter turnout.

    The rational that was used for closing Bayview was the lack of voter turnout, 660, in 2005. If they thought by removing polling stations we would increase the turnout then I would say those responsible for closing them are living on another planet.

    Despite there being 2000 more people on the voters list than in 2005, and approx 1300 new registrations, we still saw less turnout than last time. Next election we will have to push the city to re-open the polling stations that were closed.

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