How Many New Councillors will be Elected?

A comment sprang out of the All-Candidates meeting last week, that the media and existing council are (whether deliberately or not) describing the 3 empty seats available on council this election.  Yes, there are 3 council members leaving.  But in actual fact, there are 8 seats to be filled.  Just because you’ve already got a seat doesn’t mean you get to keep it…that’s what elections are all about.

So let’s run a little poll.  Given your ratings (if you’ve used our handy-dandy scoring form) or your gut feeling (if you haven’t), how many NEW councillors will be elected on November 15? Click on the link below to post and to see responses so far.

How many of the 8 positions on council will be taken by new candidates?
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2 responses to “How Many New Councillors will be Elected?

  1. I remember that comment being made and immediately having a snicker of incredulity.

    Thanks for bring this up and for the link to the poll. I’d like to see *at least* 4-5 changes on council.

  2. anonymous


    Editor’s comment: the link to the poll is the actual question, darkened and underlined. Sorry, we can’t repost on the poll…they won’t let us load the numbers…honest blokes…:)))

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