4. What Mayoral Candidates think about a Multiplex.

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Candidates for Mayor

Over the past term, a motion was filed to build a Multiplex on the wharf lands in the South End, but it was not clear about who would pay for it. How necessary is a Multiplex? Who should pay for it…should it be a public or a private enterprise?

A Multiplex on zoned lands with private funds built for profit would be an asset and taxable.     ~Larry Iwaskow

I support the concept of a multiplex however, there are many issues that must first be answered.  I am firmly of the opinion that the Taxpayers of Nanaimo have little appetite to take on yet another mega project without knowing the true total cost of the PNC.  The “Taxpayers Bank of Nanaimo” is closed.  I would consider a possible public/private partnership, subject to prior qualification, whereby the City may consider providing suitable land if available, however only with a revenue share from the completed project. ~John Ruttan

The council motion instructed staff to survey the downtown (from the Howard Johnson in the north to Milton Street in the west and south and down to the waterfront on the east) for a possible multiplex site.  The downtown was chosen as council wished to encourage transit use to and from the complex and to bring people downtown.  The council has not yet received the report from staff.  I would consider a land grant for a multi-plex but I would not favour any public funds to build it: it has to be entirely financed by private funds.  I would not support a multi-plex outside the urban centre of Nanaimo.  I don’t know if a multi-plex is necessary.  A wide ranging community consultation would have to take place before we would know the degree of public support for such a project.     ~Diane Brennan
The taxpayers of Nanaimo cannot afford a massively expensive project like this for the foreseeable future.  As your Mayor, I have always said I need to see a credible business plan that shows a Multiplex is financially viable, not dependent on city taxpayers.  That there is sufficient population to support it, and the capital costs are paid by the beneficiaries.  Private sector initiatives like this should be paid by the private sector.  The City can assist in access and servicing but we are limited in our ability to subsidize something that is lower in priority to more necessary projects… like the water system upgrade.     ~Gary Korpan

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