3. What Mayoral Candidates think about Homelessness and Affordable Housing.

This is question 3 of 4. We’ll be posting the last question on Wednesday November 5th. Please feel free to share your comments or questions to candidates in the comment section below each posting!

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Candidates for Mayor

Most Nanaimo residents understand that both homelessness and affordable housing are critical issues here in Nanaimo. If you could only support 3 initiatives to deal with these problems, what would they be?

I propose housing funded by private, Provincial and Federal funds.  As a temporary measure utilize empty buildings from all levels of Government.  The mentally and physically disabled should be supported and housed by Provincial and Federal agencies.     ~Larry Iwaskow

I would support purpose-built low barrier supported housing projects to deal with the homeless population with addiction and mental health problems.  If neighbourhoods are to have any relief from chronic homelessness, open drug use and sex trade then housing must be made available to this population.  I would spend two of my initiatives this way and make sure that the two projects were not placed in the same area of town.  My last “wish” or initiative would be to create incentives for developers to build affordable multi-family rental apartment buildings.  I would wish to see this type of housing in and around the downtown neighbourhoods to increase the number of people living there.  I would expect downtown workers, students, young families, older adults who are downsizing and seniors to choose this type of accommodation.  I believe the mix of multi-family housing in establish neighbourhood would enhance and enliven them.     ~Diane Brennan

Strict enforcement against the predators; medical treatment (eg detox) for the drug and alcohol dependent; safe, secure, supervised housing, particularly for the mentally challenged, with job re-training and placement opportunities.  No social service over-saturation that makes any one area a magnet for problems.     ~Gary Korpan

(a) I support additional substance abuse and rehabiliation programs for those struggling with substance abuse who want to get clean, get off the street, find employment and contribute to their community.
(b) In conjunction with the efforts of the local RCMP, I would work to provide an acceptable level of safety and security for those living in the South End.  I am particularly pleased with the results of the RCMP Bike Patrol, which I feel has met with considerable success by their initiatives and by showing a high profile in the area.
(c) There appears to be considerable commercial interest in the South End and in fact all of South Nanaimo.  I am very pleased that the Balmoral Hotel project is proceeding on schedule and the proposed condomunium development, directly across the street from the Balmoral project, is further evidence of renewed commercial confidence in the area. ~John Ruttan

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