1. What Mayoral Candidates think about changes in the South End.

Question 1 of 4 questions.  Please check back soon for Question 2.

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Candidates for Mayor

The South End is changing. Would you briefly comment on your understanding of the changes here?

The south end is changing yet again. It has always been an affordable inclusive neighbourhood but over the past 7 or 8 years, it was becoming a neighbourhood in decline. First, its school was lost, then the parks and streets began to be gathering places for a homeless, often drug addicted and/or mentally ill people. In response, a number of social service agencies began to offer services and the neighbourhood started to feel under siege.About 2 years ago, the neighbourhood began to push back and today we are seeing a vibrant action oriented community emerge that is determined to be in charge of its future. The neighbourhood is taking steps to return to its “affordable neighbourhood” roots with an emphasis on inclusion.     ~Diane Brennan

As a resident of Nanaimo since 1967 my observation has been that the South End neighbourhood has struggled with residential in too close proximity with heavy industrial. As we continue to encourage industry to move to Duke Point the resurgence of the area will occur. Finding the balance between the historic character and incorporating new residential and commercial growth is a major challenge. As long as we are all respectful of the revised Official Community Plan, with Neighbourhood involvement, I am optimistic the area can progress as its residents prefer.     ~Gary Korpan

A community is trying to form a plan to reduce industry and improve residential as well as enhancement and upgrades on specific commercial and industrial properties. As an example South Town Center, Cable Bay, Multiplex, Cruise Ship slips, and Port Place Mall Casino.     ~Larry Iwaskow

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