Answers are in.

Tomorrow we’ll start to post the responses we received from candidates! Almost every candidate replied.

To make things FAIR for candidates, we used a random draw system to list responses, so those who were genetically gifted at the start of the alphabet don’t get the usual advantage.  However we jumble, Mayoral and Council candidate responses will be kept separate.

The random draw done yesterday morning by Anne using stick it-notes and bread making bowl.  The dog scrutineered 😉

We’d like to encourage further comment or discussion in the comment section after posts.

We’re aware, as we amalgamate the answers, that all the candidates might cause that little “tilt” button in the back of your head to start flashing.  Never fear… in our quest to make this process SIMPLE and EASY for everyone, we’ve created a one-page sheet you can use to to keep track as you read responses.  We found it helpful to do an overall read first, and then return and dig deeper.

You can download/print it from here:

south-end-votes sheet

If you’re not sure of the process we’ll be more than happy to talk you through it. Just leave us a comment by clicking on “comments” at the end of this post or email us at

Barbara, Pat and Anne

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One response to “Answers are in.

  1. Anne

    I’m not sure though what the dog was watching closer- my drawing of the names or my slice of homemade apple upside-down cake. –Anne

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