How this is going to work

I don’t know about you, but when I shop, I tend to compare things a lot: either I compare what I am looking at to what I really want, or I compare one item to another.  Fairly simple processes, but hard to do when you are shopping for representation in an election.  Especially an election where there are a LOT of candidates, a LOT of issues and lots of potential for complication and confusion.

So here’s what were proposing:

1.  We’ve taken the questions and comments you’ve posted so far and amalgamated them into 4 broad questions.  We’ve sent them off to ALL candidates for mayor and council and asked for responses to be returned by Friday October 24.

2.  On October 27, we will post ONE question PLUS the responses to THAT ONE question from EVERY candidate who has responded.  You’ll have time to think about what each candidate is saying, and to post additional comments and discussion.

3.  When the timing is right, we will post the NEXT question plus the responses the same way, spread out over a 2 week period. That way:

  • you’ll be able to focus on one issue at a time
  • you’ll be less likely to get overloaded or confused
  • you’ll be able to look at all candidates on a level playing field

Please note:

We will NOT be recommending or supporting any particular candidate. Our hope is simply to provide you with with the incentive and reason to get out and vote on November 15 2008.

The process may change a little, because to be honest, there’s no existing model to follow. But in the interest of pioneering, we hope you will move forward with us in good faith and we will do our best to keep this process simple and easy for both candidates and readers.

If all you want to do is lurk and read the posts of others, that’s absolutely fine.  We welcome and encourage comments to postings made to this weblog. But since this is our sandbox, and we’re all girls, we want you to know that we will not tolerate pushing, shoving, punching, or name calling..:)   While you may not agree with candidates or other posters, we want everyone to play fair and respect the opinions of others. We have a big delete button, and we’re not afraid to use it on nasty and/or anonymous posts.

So perhaps until we get the responses back and that first post up,  you can get comfortable with this platform (Anne will add a link to some basic maneuvering tips here in a day or 2).  Or check out some of the candidate websites…we’re adding them as we receive them.  Or make a post.  We’re all learning here. Thanks for joining in.

-Barbara, Pat and Anne


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2 responses to “How this is going to work

  1. John Cross

    Hi all, what a great! job you people are doing in the name of voter education, participation, and lbnl, holding the candidates feet to the fire to weed the rhetoric-meisters from the trully concerned.
    You have my thanks

  2. Anne

    Thanks for the comment, John! Poor voter turnout in previous elections has given candidates something of a free ride. This year we’re looking for some substance.

    We’re so hopefully that voters, especially from the South End will get out there and be heard!

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