More Candidates Are Filing To Run In Election

Three More in Race

The nomination period for all candidates interested in every form of local government ends Friday at 4 p.m.

So far, 11 people have taken out packages from city hall for the mayoral candidacy, but only two have filed. Thirty council packages have been taken out and 15 have filed so far.

These are the candidates for council who have filed their papers at city hall: Jack Arnold, Bill Bestwick, Ron Bolin, Brunie Brunie, Janet Cowling, Gord Fuller, Blake McGuffie, Mark MacDonald, Larry McNabb, Fred Pattje, Troy Pearson, Terry Lynn Saunders, Simon Schachner, Pat Squire, and Merv Unger.

Diane Brennan and Gary Korpan have filed for mayor. Businessman John Ruttan has declared, but hadn’t filed by Wednesday.


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2 responses to “More Candidates Are Filing To Run In Election

  1. I’m enjoying being able to click on many of the candidate’s names on the right to read more about what they plan to offer Nanaimo. I’d like to see more from the candidates above that don’t seem to have websites or blogs.

  2. Barbara Densmore

    We’re collecting addresses as best we can! We’ll be able to get more once we connect with all candidates. Check back next week!

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