South Town Centre Development

Some of the questions posed so far are related to the planned development of a new “Town Centre”  near the Cedar turnoff south of town.  An article in the Nanaimo Daily News on Saturday Oct 4 describes “the massive shopping centre comparable to Woodgrove Centre and the approximately 2,500 units of housing the development will create.”  It also speaks to a planned industrial component.

To read the complete article, click here:

Industrial Park Meets Need

While this development may not be in OUR neighbourhood, it will impact it significantly.  For example:

1.  This development may provide a cost-effective place for light industry or warehouse operations currently operating in the South End, Nob Hill, or Old City neighbourhoods.  Ultimately, it may provide a solution to the growing residential neighbourhoods close to downtown.

2.  Your real estate value will be impacted significantly, either by having an additional 2,500 units move into the market, or by attracting more people to the South End.  I wonder which is more likely?

3.  Commercially, the results of large scale development in the North End are pretty obvious…malls, more malls, few public meeting places (unless it’s a mall…:), no visible community character.  Many South Enders are a little allergic to that type of development.  How can we ensure that our traditional community character is not paved over with the parking lots?

4.  This overall development plan will allow us to spend less gas $$ heading to the North End to see a movie or shop.  Combined with other area growth i.e Cable Bay, how will it impact traffic?  (Asked by someone who sat in constant congestion at Park Royal, where the developers and city did not work together to aid traffic flow.)

5.  The revitalization of the downtown core and (wouldn’t it be nice?) Nicol Street may be impacted by a flood of retail space south of town.  This may not be direct competition…i.e. mall chains vs independent businesses.  It may drive the cost of retail space down (which would help the young entrepreneurs who tend to look for funky areas and cheap rent) but it may also impact shoppers (who only have a limited amount of $$ to spend, despite what the credit card company tells them.)

There are pros and cons around this development.  What are some of YOUR questions or concerns?

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One response to “South Town Centre Development

  1. Larry Gambone

    Er, have any of the people who are proposing this development been following the news lately? For those who haven’, there is a global financial/economic meltdown occurring, not exactly the time for grandiose projects like this…

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